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Legal nurse consultants are licensed registered nurses who bring their unique knowledge and experience to bridge the gap between the medical field and the judicial system.

With in-depth knowledge of the healthcare system, we know what the clinical picture should look like and what details to search for in the medical records. We objectively analyze causation, damages, deviations in the standards of care, and other medically-related issues of the case.

Turn-around time depends on the service requested as well as the complexity and length of the medical records. We will provide an initial assessment on our first meeting and an estimate when all records are received.

Legal nurse consultants can provide services to clients in any state. We are happy to connect by virtual meeting, email, and phone conference.

  • More cost effective than a physician consultant.
  • Saves your team time to focus on the legal aspects of the case.
  • Critically reviews medical records to paint a complete clinical picture, including identification of missing documentation and record tampering.
  • Supports your team by providing professional insights and assisting in developing case strategies.
  • Connected to a vast network of doctors and other medical professionals for expert witness needs.
  • Expert Care has access to medical library databases and the experience to locate and synthesize the evidence you need.
  • Nurses are trained educators. We will explain complex medical concepts in understandable terms.