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Bridging the gap between the
Judicial System
and the Medical Field

Your law firm is busy handling the legal aspects of the case. Expert Care is here to help you with the medical aspects. With in-depth knowledge of the healthcare system, we offer professional reports and consultations to attorneys working in personal injury, medical malpractice, and other medically-related cases. 

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Types of Services

Tailored Reports

Medical record organization and screening for case merit, strengths, and weaknesses. Detailed summaries, chronologies, timelines, demand letters, and other case-specific reports

Personal Injury

Medical records analysis, outlining elements of duty, breach of duty, causation, and damages. Clear descriptions of the mechanisms of injury in simplified medical terms

Medical Malpractice

Detailed medical record review, uncovering deviations from standards of care, and informed by relevant evidence-based practices. Reports cite regulatory organizations and federal and state law

Medical Literature

In-depth medical literature research, locating relevant studies and providing objective data reviews. Summarizes and describes complex medical concepts in understandable terms

Medical Exam Observation

DME/IME service includes preparing client prior to exam and accompaniment throughout. Observer ensures exam is within agreed-upon terms and provides counsel with a detailed report of events

Expert Witness Location

Identification of expert witness physician, nurse, and other medical specialist needed to support the case. Location of qualified and vetted expert witnesses within the client’s geographical area